If you are spending more time in your house, you’re probably thinking of ideas to add a little more decor to your home. In the last ten years, houseplants have grown in popularity as an interior design trend. More and more homeowners are embracing the greenery from the outside into their homes. Here are the perfect live, low maintenance plants to decorate inside your Norfleet Home.


The Peace Lily 

The peace lily plant is an ideal houseplant for homeowners and families with a busy schedule. The low maintenance houseplant comes in a variety of sizes and types. Most plant lilies are floor plants that grow wide and up to three feet tall. The peace lily is known to help clean the air toxins that we may bring into our homes.

For taking care of the peace lily, there isn’t a rigid watering schedule you have to follow. If you noticing the plant’s leaves sagging, that’s a sign that it is thirsty. In general, only water the plant at least once a week and make sure the soil is moist. While the peace lily plant is immune to most insects and diseases, your pets are not immune to it. The peace lily is known to carry poisonous toxins that are dangerous to cats and dogs if they bite onto the plant. If you have a pet, you can place the peace lily in a room where he/she rarely goes into.


Dracaena “Janet Craig” 

The dracaena or the “Janet Craig” plants are native from Africa and have been around as one of the most popular house plants in the past decades. While the plant can grow up to 15 feet outdoors, dracaenas easily adapt to indoor settings and can grow between 30-42 inches.

The dracaenas are ideal for indoors because they can survive in low-light rooms. However, this plant can grow best in filtered, indirect light. Dracaenas also don’t require too much water, lightly misting the leaves and the soil will keep them hydrated.


Bamboo Palm 

Popularly grown in Florida, the bamboo palm is perfect for homeowners and families who want to bring in a little tropical greenery into their Norfleet home and avoid bringing in pollen that can heighten your allergy symptoms. This locally-grown plant can grow up to about seven feet tall and four feet wide. The bamboo palm grows best in bright and indirect light, perfect in an office or a room with a window facing north or east.

One thing to keep in mind when growing a bamboo palm inside your home is that it likes a high humidity level. Make sure you provide the palm with a humidifier or regular misting. Pet lovers can enjoy bamboo palm as the plant is non-poisonous to cats and dogs.

Bring Nature into your Home



These low maintenance plants are perfect for sprucing up your Norfleet home. For more indoor plants that are easy to care for, check out HGTV’s recommend list of house plants.