In these unusual times we are facing, we are given the opportunity for more quality time with our family members.

If you and your family are looking for activities to do without hopping in your car and driving around town, here are some recommended family-friendly activities you can do in your Norfleet home and community.

Family Game Night

Designate one night of the week for a family game night. You can spend family game night from the comfort of your spacious family room in your Norfleet home. From board games, to apps from your smartphone, or a gaming console, the options are endless. For board games, some classics include Apples to Apples, Monopoly, Life, and SORRY. If you have a Nintendo Switch or a Wii, you can challenge your family members to a race on Mario Kart or play as a team on Overcooked Special Edition.

You can add a twist to the family game night – the winner gets to choose the game for next week’s family game night.


Whether you and your family are seasoned bakers or first-timers, baking is a great and tasty hobby for staying in the house. Plus, baking gives you the opportunity to utilize your beautiful kitchen in your Norfleet home.

For beginning bakers, cookies are an easy yet classic dessert to make with your little ones. If you want to explore your family’s creativity, try baking a rainbow-colored cake or animal-shaped cupcakes. For more ideas, check out this gallery of easy recipes to make with your kids.


Puzzles are a soothing activity and a good break from your screens. Puzzles are known for building concentration skills, improving memory, and lowering stress levels.

Establish a table or a room with plenty of natural light that will give you silence and peace to work on your puzzles. For younger kids, start with a puzzle that’s less than a 100 pieces. For more of a challenge, try a 1000-2000 piece jigsaw puzzle and get the whole family involved to help!

Family Walks

If you’re feeling cooped up in your home, go for a walk with your family and/or pet around your neighborhood. Walks are good for daily exercising and stretching your body out if you’ve been sitting at your desk working all day. Walks also give your family a chance to bond and talk about each other’s days while enjoying your Norfleet community. Each Norfleet community is spread out so you and your family can go on longer walks.

We hope you all are enjoying your homes and are doing well during this adjustment. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our office by calling us at (352) 472-5780.