When You Build, You’re Getting More than a Home

Building a house is perhaps one of the largest decisions you can make in your life—and in the life of your growing family.  When building a new house, you are not just investing in a custom built home for you and your children, you are creating a lifestyle—and with that, so many more decisions come into play.

Consider a New Home Community

Deciding where your new home will sit, is the first and perhaps most critical step in your home building experience.  Looking to build your new home in an established neighborhood may be your first thought, but are you really considering all the factors?  

Established neighborhoods tend to have slightly older homes, so consider how your new home will fit in with that of your neighbors’.  The beautiful leaves on the 80 year old trees are picturesque, but they will fall – and you have to rake them up! Have the surrounding roadways grown with the population? What would your morning commute really be like? Are the utility connections as efficient as today’s standards?  Are young children playing outside, or is the neighborhood quiet and serene? 

Before purchasing a home in an established neighborhood, take a moment to consider the true cost, in lifestyle sense as well as dollars.  Is an older neighbor going to meet the changing needs of your growing family? Think about your family and the lifestyle you choose, does this neighborhood match?  

Norfleet Homes offers three communities of custom homes, each maximizing their own lifestyles and amenities.  Whether you are looking for a close-knit neighborhood or generous acreage, a golf-cart community or one that is horse-friendly, we have the right fit for you and your family’s lifestyle.

Happy Kids = Happy Life

Pools, playgrounds and pals.  In the life of a kid, does it get any better?  

New home communities of Norfleet Homes are neighborhoods designed to offer access to entertainment and shopping, alongside beautiful backyards and all the benefits that nature has to offer. Our community plans will offer private clubs or clubhouses for you, your family, neighbors and friends to gather and enjoy life as it was meant to be.  Imagine your child riding his or her bike down the sidewalk to your neighborhood pool or playground to meet with friends.

New Home Communities Offer Low Maintenance Custom Home Options

Building a custom home today, not only offers more cost savings than ever before, but allows you to focus on your personal preferences and family’s needs as you create your new home.

All Norfleet homes are built with the latest technology and efficiencies available.  Materials are low maintenance, windows and heating and cooling systems are designed to use less energy and therefore cost less over time.  Norfleet Homes knows clients want the highest quality product while keeping maintenance needs to a minimum so they can enjoy life in their new home.

Call our Norfleet Homes Newberry location at (352) 472-5780 or in Gainesville at (352) 494-4298, or visit our communities page to read more about our new home communities and custom homes today.