Designing a Timeless Custom Home

When building a custom home, many struggle between wanting a modern, trendy look, and the desire to design a home with a style that will endure the decades. As we work with people to create the living space they have always envisioned for themselves, we also strive to design classic homes that will never look “retro.” Keep reading for some of our tips on new home designs that can be trendy, but will remain timeless.

Traditional Staples

The construction phase of your new home is not the time to get trendy, unless you want your house to become outdated quickly. For the exterior of the home, we use strong columns and neutral colors, often accented with natural textures. We tend to continue neutral colors and natural textures through the interior areas as well, especially in large spaces that would be difficult to repaint.

The kitchen is another place where people often want to incorporate modern features, but trendy accents can be easily added to a classic kitchen. We recommend designs with straighter-lined profiles, and again neutral tile and granite. For instance, cabinets with intricate designs will become outdated quickly, while cabinets that are still detailed but more simplistic will create a staple to last (and that can always be repainted!).

The key takeaway here is that while detail is beautiful– sophisticated, neutral new home designs should be used when building to avoid incessant remodels.

Use Trendy Accents

You may be thinking, “Well, that sounds boring!” Don’t worry, you can still make your home trendy without dedicating its design to what’s “in” at the moment. The best way to do this is by using trendy accents that can be easily changed with your taste.

Light fixtures can go a long way in adding a contemporary flare to a more traditional room. Especially in areas like the kitchen, this feature is focal and easy to replace, and therefore perfect for making a tasteful statement.

Furniture and decor can make your house trendy, even with a traditional backdrop. Items like modern chairs, lamps, and drapes can be easily replaced, but make a big difference in the style of your home. When determining what to build with a more contemporary look, think about what you are willing to replace in a few years. You might decide that buying trendy rugs for your classic hardwood floor every few years is better than planning to update the flooring itself.

If you’re looking to furnish your house with more classic pieces, opt for items that are textured rather than printed. These will stay in style, while print trends often come and go.

Choose Quality Custom Home Builders

If you’re interested in building a custom home in the Gainesville, Florida area, we’re here for you! Call Norfleet Homes at (352) 472-5780– we will help you select from and customize new home designs, and work with you throughout the building process to create the living space you’ve always envisioned yourself in.