A new home is a blank canvas that is just waiting for you to add your personal flair. All of the choices available can be exciting, but also daunting. It helps to know your interior design style preferences before you start. This will help you as you search for inspiration or when the time comes to shop for pieces to fill your new home.

Here are some of the most common design styles along with some tips on how you can use the features of your Norfleet home to get the perfect look for your house.


If you like crisp, clean lines and a neutral color palette, you may favor a modern design style. Modern homes often feature cool, neutral color palettes with soothing tones. Many modern decorators choose furniture with clean lines and minimal design elements. People who favor this style usually don’t have lots of knick-knacks or decorative items, preferring instead to keep visual clutter to a minimum.

Smooth finishes like granite countertops and brushed nickel fixtures complement the sleek lines and neutral colors of a modern interior.


Traditional decorators prefer classic details in their homes. They prefer rich color palettes, lots of texture, and furnishings with unique details. Traditional homes are often filled with antiques or other collections on display.

Architectural features like coffered ceilings and crown molding add visual interest and delicate details to a traditionally decorated home.

Shabby Chic 

Farmhouse elements, earthy details, and cozy textures are key features of the shabby chic decorating style. Homeowners who like shabby chic gravitate toward burlap and cotton textiles and antique or distressed furnishings.

Custom maple cabinets and wood floors are great backdrops for the comfortable, lived-in look of shabby chic decor.


Inspired by the beach, coastal decor features light, neutral palettes of white and beige with pops of primary colors. Decorators who favor this style often choose textures like rope or canvas and use them throughout the home. Nautical details like shells, or bold stripes are used as accents. 

The light neutrals and bold accent colors in coastal decor pop in open floor plans with lots of natural light. 


Being able to customize your house to fit your unique needs and style is one of the benefits of building a home. Norfleet homes offer standard features that will let your interior design elements shine.