There’s no denying that the Gainesville summers are hot and humid. Whether you’re a snowbird that needs to do a little more preparation for the summer, or are just heading out for a vacation, here is a checklist to make sure that your home stays the way you left it.

Prevent Mildew & Mold

  • Set the air conditioner to 85 degrees, and if you have a humidistat it should be set at 60 percent
  • Clean out your dishwasher, and wipe up any water inside
  • Set out activated charcoal in a few areas of the house to absorb moisture and odors
  • Wash out your sink, and then run your garbage disposal with a half cup of vinegar and some water

Avoid Pests

  • Clean out all appliances (fridge, oven, microwave, toaster, etc.) and wipe down surfaces to avoid attracting pests
  • Throw out perishable items, and make sure that anything you keep in your pantry is tightly sealed
  • Empty and unplug your refrigerator, make sure the ice-maker water supply is turned off, and leave the door propped open

Save Money & Protect your Belongings

  • Switch off the circuit breakers for everything except your air conditioner, irrigation system, and security and indoor lights
  • Unplug all your electrical items
  • Turn off the electricity on your water heater
  • If you have a screen room, bring all upholstered furniture into an air conditioned space, and cover all other furniture
  • Run your pool pump for six hours a day while you’re gone, and if possible ask a friend to periodically check its chemical levels

Stay Secure

  • Time your lights to come on periodically for security, or consider purchasing a lamp timer if you don’t currently have the ability to do this
  • Make sure to pause your newspaper delivery
  • Avoid preparations that make it clear that you are not home, such as covering windows

Complete this checklist before your leave, and you can rest easy while you’re away knowing that your house is safe. If you’re an aspiring snowbird, give Norfleet Homes a call at (352) 354-5110 or visit our website – our communities located in sunny Gainesville, Florida are the perfect place to escape the cold!