Choosing a trustworthy custom home builder

Designing and building a custom home is an exciting experience, and your builder should be there for you from your initial consultation to the glorious move-in day. The best way to ensure a smooth building process and the perfect final product is to choose a custom home builder you can trust. Your builder should understand your vision, budget, and schedule to build you the home of your dreams. When choosing a trustworthy custom home builder, consider their attention to quality control, accessibility and communication, and timeliness.

Quality Control

As a home buyer, you should trust your builder’s ability to provide the grade of service you expect. A devotion to intense quality control throughout the building process should go beyond your expectations and include a clear understanding of building safety codes. A verbal understanding of these codes is a great sign from the start!

Be wary if your builder doesn’t discuss quality and safety measures, or hesitates when asked about quality processes. Working with a custom home builder that has demonstrated quality and safety as the top priority in their homes means that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the process. At Norfleet, our team’s primary focus is building homes that meet our high standard of craftsmanship. This means using quality products, employing skilled professionals, and equipping our team with the most modern technology.


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Building a custom home can be a stressful time, but the more communication you have with your qualified and capable custom home building team, the more positive your overall experience will be. To help keep the stress of home building at bay, choose a custom home builder that is easily accessible and communicative. A trustworthy builder should be available to answer your questions and respond to concerns throughout the building process.


As a home buyer, you are investing more than just money into your new home and should never feel in the dark. Your builder should be transparent about progress or setbacks, and communicate solutions in an effective way. Communication between builder and buyer is an important factor in developing trust, further facilitating the construction process.

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Your custom home, on time

One of the reasons people hesitate when considering a custom home is that there is an assumption that it is too time consuming — this isn’t necessarily true. With over 30 years of industry experience, the Norfleet team has the expertise to meet deadlines and keep to a tight schedule. It is so important to choose a custom home builder that has the ability and know-how to navigate setbacks and overcome obstacles to keep your home’s progress on schedule.


There are many decisions to be made on the job-site regarding your custom home. Luckily, when it comes to logistics, safety, and codes, your builders should be the experts. It is important to feel comfortable letting your builders make decisions that will keep your project moving forward. Timeliness is a telling factor when searching for a custom home builder you can trust.


This Norfleet custom built home is located in Gainesville, Florida. With brick and wood accents, this beautiful home is perfect for families.

The Norfleet Difference

At Norfleet, we understand that building the perfect home for you is rooted in quality craftsmanship and consistent communication. With years of experience and a highly skilled team, Norfleet is a name that is easy to trust. We always do whatever takes to deliver the highest quality custom homes in a timely and professional fashion, while staying true to our values. If you are ready to build your custom dream home, call us at (352) 472-5780 or visit our website.