What Makes Our Homes Different

Distinguished Elegance

Norfleet makes affordable, quality new homes from Gainesville to Newberry. We strive to construct a home that not only meets the needs of your family, but also fulfills all of the desires and expectations you have for your living space. If you’d like to design a new home in the Gainesville area, we can build it to your specifications, or you can choose our basic housing model and then add some of our upgrade package options to it. 

Want to learn more about our custom-built homes? Contact our team or schedule a tour to see the elegance for yourself!

Home Upgrades

We have a large list of upgrades possible for someone looking to design a new home, but want to cater it specifically to their needs. Our package options come in three tiers:

  • Basic: A list of various upgrades that can be applied while the house is being built to your specifications.
  • Premier: Higher quality options and special accents not found in the basic package
  • Signature: Highest quality options, including everything that can be found in the Premier package

For a comprehensive list of each package, click here.

Brick Home Benefits

Norfleet builds many different types of houses, but our brick homes are particularly resilient, so you might consider choosing brick when you’re looking to design your new home. Here are some of the benefits:

  • A brick home insulates better than other materials, reducing energy bills and keeping your home comfortable throughout the different North Florida seasons.
  • A brick home provides sound insulation, helping your house stay peaceful and quiet.
  • Brick home upkeep is significantly lower than upkeep for other materials, making a brick home maintenance-free and saving you money.

Looking for Your Dream Home?

Whether you’re a first-home buyer, a seasoned expert in moving, or you’re finding that last house you want to settle down in, Norfleet Homes will work with you from start to finish to ensure that you get the home of your dreams. Contact us for more information!