New Year, New Trends

30 years from now, you should be just as in love with your custom home as you are today. At Norfleet, we build timeless homes that stand the test of time. But having a timeless home doesn’t mean it can’t be modern, too. Accent your home with these trendy colors–perfect for the new decade. 

With a pop of color, you can keep your classic home on trend without making a huge commitment. Whether it’s with an accent wall, area rug, or throw pillow, add interest to your home with the most popular colors of 2020. The design trends this year are leaning more muted and natural, using colors like deep blues, blushes, and earth tones. Each of these colors can change the mood and ambiance of your space, so consider how you’ll use that space before choosing a direction.

1. Beautiful Blue







The calm and serene nature of blue is great for keeping a low-stress atmosphere in your home. Crisp and dependable, these dark blue tones will add intrigue and depth to any interior design. When thinking about painting with these shades, remember that they look best in rooms with plenty of natural light. The use of a deep blue paint in a darker room can make the space feel slightly cold and gloomy, so it can be best to stick with accent pieces in dimmer spaces.

2. Effervescent Earth Tones







Earth tones are meant to be muted and flat, mimicking the colors we see in nature everyday. The palette of tans, browns, greys, and greens brings a touch of the outdoors into your home, emanating a soothing energy. Wooden accents and house plants are easy ways to incorporate earth tones into your existing design. Paired with the timeless design of your home, these colors will have your place looking modern and chic. 

3. Bring On The Blush







Also known as Millennial Pink, this trendy color made headlines in 2017 and remains one of the most popular colors in interior design in 2020. This delicate color can add an elegant touch to any room and pairs well with other neutral colors. Use these shades in rooms with hard materials, like granite or marble, to add a hint of softness. Pink can be a powerful color, but when it’s this neutral, you can get away with putting this shade just about anywhere. 

Custom Colors For Your Custom Home

At Norfleet, we design homes that you’ll love forever—regardless of the trends. Timeless and classic design paired with your creativity is what makes your home unique. We want to help you determine how to customize your home, and guide you through every step of the process. Learn more about our communities and why Norfleet is the best choice to build your custom home.